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Performing Arts.


  • Just How Dead Is the Avant-Garde?” Review of American Avant-Garde Theatre: A History, by Arnold Aronson. Originally published in American Theatre, Apr. 2001, Vol. 18, Issue 4, pp. 47-49.
  • Making Mischief of the Holocaust.” Review of Embodied Memory: The Theatre of George Tabori, by Anat Feinberg. Originally published in American Theatre, Nov. 2000, Vol. 17, Issue 9, pp. 86-88.
  • From Russia with Love.” Review of The Russian Theatre After Stalin, by Anatoly Smeliansky. Originally published in American Theatre, Dec. 1999, Vol. 16, Issue 10, pp. 77-79.
  • Running in Place.” Review of Cultural Calisthenics: Writings on Race, Politics, and Theatre, by Robert Brustein. Originally published in American Theatre, Sept. 1999, Vol. 16, Issue 7, p. 69.
  • A Critic Fawns.” Review of A Director Calls: Stephen Daldry and the Theater, by Wendy Lesser. Originally published in American Theatre, Jan. 1998, p. 59. 

Visual Arts.

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